Askoll - Italian, stylish electric scooters created with reliability and quality. Even the smallest components of Askoll scooters are designed and made in Italy. One of the most distinctive features is the so-called 'mid-drive' powertrain, which gives the scooter an advantage over the regular 'hub' motors in the rear wheel. This type of powertrain does not strain the scooter's rear suspension, so any bumps in the road will be much smoother.

Is Askoll Eva S.p.A. a reliable manufacturer?

Askoll was founded in 1978 and has specialised in electric scooters since 2014. In 2016, the eS1 model became the most used electric scooter in Italy. In 2019, more than 6,000 electric scooters are in use on sharing platforms in EU countries. Today, in 2021, Askoll EVA is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, the company produces 15,000 electric scooters per year and is represented in 20 countries worldwide, from now on including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Is it comfortable to drive an Askoll electric scooter?

The scooter’s light alloy frame and low weight allow it to manoeuvre through the narrowest city streets. No more traffic jams or parking problems.

How far can I drive on a single charge?

Depending on the model, Askoll electric scooters can cover a range of 40, 71, 96 or 98 km. The range on a single charge is enough for residents of even the biggest cities in Lithuania.


Is charging convenient?

The Askoll electric scooter battery can be recharged from any standard power socket. The battery can be charged both inside the scooter and when removed. So whether it’s in the café, in the garage or to take home.

How long do the batteries charge?

The full battery charging time varies from 3 to 8 hours, depending on the battery model and charger type. The batteries are extremely easy to replace, so for professional users we offer an additional battery pack for continuous use.

What is the speed of Askoll electric scooters?

Depending on the model, the speed of electric scooters can reach 45 km/h or 66 km/h.


What category of licence do I need to drive Askoll electric scooters? 

L1: suitable for those who only have a moped licence (speed of 45 km/h).

L3: to ride it a type A1 or B driver's licence is required (speed of 66 km/h).

Is registration required?

Yes, all scooters must be registered and have license plates.

How much does it cost to drive 100 km?

It costs about 48 cents to drive 100 km (for overnight charging, the price will be lower).

Do electric scooters make a sound?

Askoll personal class (NGS, eS2 / es3 EVO) electric scooters have an extremely quiet ride. Business class models (esPro K) can run slightly louder, thanks to additional transmission for heavier loads.

How much do Askoll electric scooters weigh?

Depending on the model, Askoll electric scooters weigh from 70 to 100 kg.

Can I ride an Askoll electric scooter in the rain?

Askoll scooters are not afraid of rain, but visibility is reduced when it rains, so it is recommended to drive much more carefully and at slower speeds.

Can I test drive an Askoll electric scooter before I buy it?

Yes, to try an Askoll electric scooter, please fill in the request or contact us. Test rides usually take place in Vilnius, near the Litexpo exhibition centre.