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Your next electric ride

Travel with the highest quality and the most beautiful aesthetics
of Italian made electric scooters.

Ease of handling

Equipped with a lightweight structure, the Askoll e-Scooter faces the city with you: no more queues or parking problems.

The technology is with you

Equipped with the brand-new silent power train transmission, built-in luggage rack, removable baterry and all Askoll safety, the NGS models combine memorable design with advanced technology.

Designed and made in Italy to take you everywhere

Battery, electronic control unit, engine, automation to produce and test vehicles: everything is done in-house.

“We advise it for the quality of the product, but also for the service and assistance offered by Askoll.”

MAURIZIO ORLANDINI, Marketing and Communication Manager at Runner Pizza, Florence

“The customisation of our eSpro has been fundamental to optimise our work.”

FABRIZIO FROMBOLA, Construction Manager Domino’s Pizza, Europe

“For a distribution network as extensive as that of the Austrian Post, the environmental impact is very important.”



“The more you ride it, the more it suits you: with the delivery of 1,000 pizzas, we paid off a scooter.”

- MAXIME, Store Manager Pizza Hut, Paris


"Deliveries are also made at any time of the day: eSpro's silence is part of our service.”

- ROBERTO VALENTINI, CEO Santa Rita Group, Torino


“Practical, comfortable and easily recognisable: we have found the right solution.”

- MARCO MELETTI, Marketing Manager Gruppo Battistolli, Vicenza


“The very low maintenance and fuel costs, along with the satisfaction of the people who use the scooter every day, speak for themselves.”

- ALESSANDRO PICONE, Area Manager Barani Group, Florence